Квартири подобово ЛЮКС


17500 вул.Костянтинівська будинок 96 Квартира 80 2 поверх, Pryluky, 17500, Ukraine

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Квартири подобово ЛЮКС. Hotel in PRYLUKY

Квартири подобово ЛЮКС is situated in Pryluky. Offering direct access to a balcony, this air-conditioned apartment comes with 1 separate bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

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The Information about PRYLUKY, PRYLUTSKYI, Ukraine

Pryluky (Ukrainian: Прилу́ки [prɪˈlukɪ]) is a city located on the Udai River in Chernihiv Oblast, north-central Ukraine. We remind you that the Квартири подобово ЛЮКС is located in the PRYLUKY, PRYLUTSKYI. Serving as the administrative center of Pryluky Raion (district), the city itself is incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. The cost of living in the Квартири подобово ЛЮКС located in the PRYLUKY, PRYLUTSKYI from 19$. Located nearby is the Pryluky air base, a major strategic bomber base during the Cold War, which is Ukraine's largest airfield. See more information from the Квартири подобово ЛЮКС in the PRYLUKY, PRYLUTSKYI. Population: 57,735 (2015 est.). Квартири подобово ЛЮКС in the PRYLUKY, PRYLUTSKYI on the detailed map.

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